Your guide to sperm donation by a sperm donor.

Becoming a sperm donor

Helping you take your first steps in donating your sperm and the pros and cons of it.

Finding a sperm donor online

How to find a sperm donor on the Internet and what to look out for to avoid the risks.


Want a child with someone to play daddy? Satisfy your broodiness with co-parenting!

Useful resources

Linking you to other websites with relevent information regarding sperm donation.

Advice & support

Thoughts? Comments? Want to ask a question? Email direct at

Free private sperm donor

Available for donation to private recipients in England. Click here to learn more.

About SpermDonation.Co was launched by a sperm donor based in the UK who has donated privately and at a HFEA registered fertility clinic. This website aims to help people who are considering sperm donation by providing useful resources and offering advice.